Village Garden Clearance

The School Mine Action Response Team (SMART) Commercial Aid program aims to provide much needed UXO clearance to communities in the greatest need.  By keeping costs as low as possible, whilst maintaining the highest level of safety at all times, PSV UXO is looking to partner with  commercial entities, individuals and non-government organisations in securing sponsorship that enables remote and rural schools and surrounding village and garden areas to be cleared of any UXO.

PSV UXO’s SMART initiative offers the opportunity for a unique, high profile and value for money Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that provides long-lasting and beneficial community service.  Programs can be scaled to suit most CSR budgets and level of involvement.  SMART sponsors are offered the opportunity to safely take part in certain aspects of the clearance and awareness activity in the field, working with and under the supervision of highly trained PSV UXO technicians in remote communities that take staff away from their day to day roles and immerses them in Lao culture and exposes them to rural village life.

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