Turnkey Solutions.

PUCS will provide complete UXO and landmine solutions for the client , from Survey and action plan development , bush cutting , UXO OR LANDMINE clearance and marking & Zero additional charges. 

UXO and Landmine Survey

Level One Survey. Compilation of UXO data by questioning and searching digital resources

Level Two Survey.  Is the Physical gathering of on ground contamination, by the application of detection equipment.

UXO Area Clearance

This type of support is the most thorough UXO worry free action a client can employ. The team/s will clear all UXO to a specified depth at a speed appropriate for task safety and client requirements.

UXO Path-finding

Path finder’s , qualified UXO Technicians who carry out visual and/or instrumented UXO searches of required access corridors or areas to provide client personnel with temporary safe access to or passage through un-cleared areas.

UXO Response Teams

Small teams of professionals who dispose of UXO encountered by the end user. “Ideal for community support”

These teams can also perform “Survey, Path-finding or limited area clearance and or rapid single item UXO response during School/village garden clearance activities.