PSV Uxo Clearance Solutions Lao Co Ltd, (PUCS) is a Lao registered company with a highly experienced international management team.


Our experienced international staff each has a minimum of 20 years’ experience in Landmine and UXO action around the globe, performing tasks above and below the high-water mark.


In Laos between them our 3 Foreign EOD Technical Advisers have 25 years continuous operational experience in the Lao PDR alone. Likewise, our local supervisory personnel are some of the most experienced UXO clearance technicians in the Region these local technical managers have at least 10 years continuous operational experience each.  


PUCS is an innovator and all its staff are constantly seeking new methodology or technology to make the task more efficient and cost effective.


Some operators in Lao PDR today try to justify expensive rates by saying they are the best. PUCS’s will work with you to find a suitable cost our “can do” approach to the UXO task we will always find a UXO solution that suits you.


PUCS will always advise the client of the need for clearance, or not, & or alternatives as the case may be. The process of deciding on the best course of action will always be one of consultation with all parties concerned.


Our Standard Operating Procedures are tried and tested both internationally and locally to provide efficient and safe UXO Action